Access to funding to finance your growth

angel or You might have self-funded the early days of your business, but to expand, grow and scale you need access to funding.Access to Finance

But how can you access the right level of outside funding? And how do you impress your potential private investors and lenders with the long-term prospects for your company?

Making your business attractive for access to funding

When considering your financing options, it’s important to think about which route will work best for the long-term interests of your business.

Traditional routes include banks loans for smaller amounts, or working with angel investors/private investors or venture capital firms when more substantial investment is needed. And there are other less traditional routes like crowdfunding and invoice financing to think about too.

It’s also vital to present the most impressive overview of the financial and commercial prospects for your business. After all, lenders are looking for a positive return on their investment.

To attract the right funding:

  • Have a robust growth plan

So investors have a clear idea of what you intend to do with their money, and how you’ll aim to achieve that.

  • Improve your financial health

Investors will want to see a healthy set of accounts. Be proactive about getting on top of cashflow, cost management and budgeting.

  • Align your budget to your strategic plan

Cost out every element of your growth plan and provide investors with a breakdown of how you’ll budget your spending.

More information regarding access to funding

If you’re looking to get in front of the right investors, come and talk to us about presenting your business plan and your finances to increase your chances of getting access to funding. We may even know of investors looking to invest in your type of business.

Talk to us about how access to funding and start funding your growth plan

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