How to scaleup your business

Scaling up isn’t just a case of letting organic growth take its course. Genuine hypergrowth means achieving accelerated 20% growth over a 3-year period. A big ask for any company! So if you’re planning to make the transition from established startup to ambitious scaleup, what are the foundations you need to get it right? Setting[…]


Online invoicing – a faster way to get paid

Online invoicing removes the limitations of using traditional paper invoices to get paid. Xero’s built-in online invoicing features let your business carry out the whole invoice process electronically. There are key tools for creating repeat invoices, taking online payments, tracking sales revenues and chasing up any late payments – all from inside Xero. Removing the[…]

B2B Business Tips

B2B tips for working with big companies

To start working with big companies is an exciting milestone but servicing them can be demanding. If you’re more used to working with smaller clients how do you make the transition to servicing larger ones? Don’t over-promise Many small businesses are tempted to go beyond their core competencies to win a big contract. Avoid that[…]


Use automatic bank reconciliation to save you time

Bank reconciliation is a vital financial task – but one that eats into your business time. Matching your financial transactions to the relevant lines on your bank statement can be a tedious and time-consuming task. So wouldn’t it be great if you could automate that whole bank reconciliation (bank rec) process? If you’re using Xero,[…]

Access to funding

Access to funding to finance your growth

angel or You might have self-funded the early days of your business, but to expand, grow and scale you need access to funding. But how can you access the right level of outside funding? And how do you impress your potential private investors and lenders with the long-term prospects for your company? Making your business[…]

what does a bookkeeper do?

What does a bookkeeper do?

The work that bookkeeper do es has changed significantly and continues to change. In the past bookkeepers processed invoices and reconciled bank statements. This work ensured that businesses could see what had happened in the past. In today’s world these mechanical, repetitive processes are such a minimal part of what we offer business owners. What[…]

Small business start-up

Start-up: Getting your idea off the ground

A great idea is the starting point for any business. It is these ‘lightbulb moments’ that drive the ambition and entrepreneurial spirit of the start-up community. But before you bring your idea to market, you need to know WHY you’re in business. You need to be confident that there’s a robust and workable business model[…]


Five accounting tips for creatives

While few people love the accounting aspects of their business, our creative clients dislike it more than most. That’s why we’d like to give you some accounting tips for creatives to streamline business processes and improve your accounts. Create realistic estimates. Have a look at past projects, add up the costs, and compare requirements to get[…]