Five ways to do your own market research without an expert

If you’re keen to understand your clients better, you can conduct market research yourself. Here are five quick ways that won’t slow you down or take up too much of your time: Hold a focus group – This is an efficient way of getting information from multiple people at one time. Be prepared with the questions[…]

Credit Reports

Gain cash flow confidence with credit reports

When you’re expanding your business and working with new companies, you want to be confident that anyone you deal with has a good payment history. Credit report can help provide this. Credit reports give you a realistic picture of a company’s finances and lets you make informed decisions based on facts. While credit reports are[…]

systemise processes

Get more productive with a systemized business

As a business owner, you want your business to be as productive as possible. And that productivity stems from your operational processes being as efficient as possible. But many businesses are let down by their current operational systems, with poor documentation of tasks, outdated software and processes that have grown organically over time without any[…]


What to look for in a small business mentor

Whether you’re starting your first small business or you’re a serial entrepreneur, you’ll probably do better with a business mentor. Not because they have all the right answers, far from it. The best mentors make a ton of mistakes – which is why they’re so valuable. Mentors are really good failures. ‘Failing fast’ is a[…]

Xero Certified Bookkeeper

Xero certified bookkeeper “can spot a stray ‘Xero’ a mile away”!

A Xero certified Bookkeeper. Someone who knows your business, loves what you do and can spot a stray ‘Xero’ a mile a way! Add an ICB certified bookkeeper and a Xero advisor to your business and your bottom line will thank you for it. We partner with knowledge and professional service businesses. We excel at[…]

Family Trust

How does a family trust work?

The information below provides a general overview of how a family trust operates and explains some of the commercial advantages and disadvantages of conducting business or investing with a family trust structure. There are many tax planning, asset protection and distribution of wealth issues to be considered before a decision is made to establish a family[…]