September 27, 2018

Bookkeeping Sunshine Coast – Flat Fee


Bookkeeping Sunshine Coastbookkeeping sunshine coast

If you are running a small business and need bookkeeping, business support or technology advice Bookkeeping sunshine coast is just a click or a phone call away.

Based in Maroochydore, we service from Noosa, to Caloundra and west to Maleny, Nambour and Gympie.

We provide flat fee bookkeeping and business services to service-based business across the Sunshine Coast.

We are the experts in improving and managing cash flow for service-based businesses and consultants on the Sunshine Coast. As registered BAS agents and certified bookkeepers we can look after all of your bookkeeping needs including:


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World Class Data Security

Not only has the advent of cloud-based software given small business the same computing power as large multi nationals, these platforms now provide the same level of data security (network firewalls, redundancy, backups, encryption and more).

We insist on using the Google and Amazon cloud-based platforms, ensuring that your data remains in a highly secure environment at low cost. Using these platforms your business benefits from data centre and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations in the world.

In the past small businesses could never afford this level of data security. Now you can. Let us show you how to leverage these platforms.

Our clients love the strong relationships that we have with them and their staff as well as the deep understanding of, and interest, in making their business a successful business.

The combination of workflow automation, process improvement, innovation and trusted accountants provide clients with the freedoms that should come with being a small business owner.

We help to give you back the dream that you started out with.

Business Compliance

With tax, superannuation and employment rules, regulations and reporting requirements constantly changing, it is incredibly difficult for micro and small businesses to keep up to date and compliant. We take on this load for you, keeping you compliant and up to date with the latest legislation changes.

A Paperless Office

Our state of the art OCR software and direct data feeds leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to automatically read and enter tax invoices and other documents. We make a paperless office a reality.

Our systems mean that you are no longer required to keep paper copies of your tax invoices or bank statements. We securely store all of your source documents online so that they can be accessed by you, your Tax Accountant or the Tax Office whenever and wherever they are required.

We have fixed price bookkeeping rates for routine bookkeeping tasks. This means that you know exactly what your bookkeeping costs are going to be before we start.

If we can’t provide you with a fixed price we’ll give you an estimate of the cost before we start.

All of our services can be purchased up front from our online store.

Online Accounting

Our online accounting and business platforms open up a world of opportunities to make your business more efficient, more profitable and more competitive.

  • Run your business from anywhere.
  • Understand your real-time cash position.
  • Collaborate with your accountant, bookkeeper and team.
  • Get paid faster to improve cash flow.
  • Protect your business data with better backups and security.
  • Improve quoting accuracy and job management.
  • Automate routine tasks, such as onboarding new customers, preparing contracts, managing appointments.

Your own Management Accountant

Small businesses can’t employ their own management accountant, so sharing one with other businesses makes sense. Each bookkeeper and accountant looks after up to 10 clients, sharing their knowledge and expertise among their clients. They get to know each businesses intimately.

We use the latest accounting tools and keep up to date with the most recent legislation affecting small business. We ensure that you are always compliant and are using the most efficient tools. With All Sorted you get a dedicated bookkeeper keeping track of your finances and ensuring that your accounts are accurate and up to date.

Your bookkeeper IS your management accountant. They will quickly become an integral team member. They will help you, and your advisers, make more informed and more timely business decisions.


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Maroochydore Bookkeeper

Why Maroochydore?

A very bright future

As a book keeper in Maroochydore we believe that the future is very bright for our city. Maroochydore has the business network and key infrastructure to support the technology needs of a businesses like ours. 

The city has the business network and infrastructure to support the high-tech needs of a businesses like ours and those of our clients. It has a broad network of business leaders committed to helping business thrive. And most importantly both the Sunshine Coast Council and State Government have committed to making Maroochy the new capital city for the Sunshine Coast.

We believe that our chosen location has been key to our success, to date. Consequently we have outlined some of the key benefits of doing business here on this page.

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Why Xero?

Xero accounting software is ideal for small businesses with employees, basic inventory, payroll or more complex accounting needs. The cost for most small business is only $50 per Xero Accounting Softwaremonth. Additionally, because the system is cloud-based it can be linked to other software that you may already be using, such as Survey Monkey, Square, Stripe, Hubspot, Google G Suite, Gmail, Autoentry, Woo Commerce, WordPress and many others.

As we are Xero specialists we can get you up and running quickly, ensure that you maximise your investment and save you valuable time and money.

This video gives a quick overview of the system and you can get more information here.


Don’t allow your Accountant or Bookkeeper to own your accounting data. Read more….

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