How to scaleup your business

Scaling up isn’t just a case of letting organic growth take its course. Genuine hypergrowth means achieving accelerated 20% growth over a 3-year period. A big ask for any company! So if you’re planning to make the transition from established startup to ambitious scaleup, what are the foundations you need to get it right? Setting[…]


Five ways to do your own market research without an expert

If you’re keen to understand your clients better, you can conduct market research yourself. Here are five quick ways that won’t slow you down or take up too much of your time: Hold a focus group – This is an efficient way of getting information from multiple people at one time. Be prepared with the questions[…]

B2B Business Tips

B2B tips for working with big companies

To start working with big companies is an exciting milestone but servicing them can be demanding. If you’re more used to working with smaller clients how do you make the transition to servicing larger ones? Don’t over-promise Many small businesses are tempted to go beyond their core competencies to win a big contract. Avoid that[…]

Goal Setting

Goal setting and measuring performance

Goal setting is what drives the long-term performance of your business. Agreeing on clear targets, and measuring your progress over time via key performance indicators (KPIs), helps you to understand exactly where the business is going. But how does this kind of performance management work in practice? Track your performance with KPIs Tracking your goals[…]

Family Trust

How does a family trust work?

The information below provides a general overview of how a family trust operates and explains some of the commercial advantages and disadvantages of conducting business or investing with a family trust structure. There are many tax planning, asset protection and distribution of wealth issues to be considered before a decision is made to establish a family[…]