Use automatic bank reconciliation to save you time

Bank reconciliation is a vital financial task – but one that eats into your business time. Matching your financial transactions to the relevant lines on your bank statement can be a tedious and time-consuming task. So wouldn’t it be great if you could automate that whole bank reconciliation (bank rec) process? If you’re using Xero,[…]

Xero Certified Bookkeeper

Xero certified bookkeeper “can spot a stray ‘Xero’ a mile away”!

A Xero certified Bookkeeper. Someone who knows your business, loves what you do and can spot a stray ‘Xero’ a mile a way! Add an ICB certified bookkeeper and a Xero advisor to your business and your bottom line will thank you for it. We partner with knowledge and professional service businesses. We excel at[…]

managing cash flow

Choosing a bookkeeper that will work for you

Identifying and choosing a bookkeeper can be a critical decision for a small business. A bookkeeping service aligned with your business and business systems as well as being able to compliment your skill set are critical factors to consider. There are some other basic factors that you should consider when choosing a bookkeeper. Decide if[…]

Software subscriptions

Who owns your accounting system?

Accounting’s dirty little secret Online accounting systems provide a number of advantages to you, the small business owner; however, these advantages can come at a cost. A new model being adopted by some accounting software providers is a subscription-based model where you do not actually own your accounting software. Instead, you pay a monthly subscription to access the software. This[…]


Google G Suite

Google G Suite is the ultimate suite of online tools for business. You can try G Suite here. We especially like G Suite for small businesses because of its cost effectiveness, simplicity and ease of collaboration. Gmail is at the core of G-Suite and is, by far, the best cloud-based email system available. It is fast,[…]

Xero Accounting Software


Why Xero Accounting Software Xero accounting software is ideal for small businesses with employees, basic inventory, payroll or more complex accounting needs. The subscription cost for most small business is only $50 per month. Xero is accessible any time, anywhere, from any device with an internet connection. There’s countless reasons why Xero is so great, but[…]

How to make bookkeeping sexy

Making Bookkeeping Sexy?

Making Bookkeeping Sexy? Well after much toil and deliberation, we decided that it is actually NOT possible to make bookkeeping sexy. We tried several different ways of saying it, talking about it and undressing it down to it’s bare bones but nothing….and we mean nothing makes book keeping sexy. However the naked truth and the[…]


12 questions to ask when choosing a bookkeeping service

12 questions to ask when choosing a bookkeeper Choosing a bookkeeping service is a critical decision for a small businesses. and there are a number of key questions that should be asked before deciding. Below are some points that our clients (and readers) have highlighted: Bookkeeper or Accountant – which one is for you? Cost – what is[…]

bookkeeper or an accountant

Bookkeeper or an Accountant?

Bookkeeper or an Accountant? A bookkeeper or an accountant. Which one should you choose for your business? A bookkeeper is often referred to as an Accountant, however, the two have very different. However, they each have key roles in the accounting process. Businesses require accurate and timely accounting information to make informed business decisions. This[…]