Five ways to do your own market research without an expert

If you’re keen to understand your clients better, you can conduct market research yourself. Here are five quick ways that won’t slow you down or take up too much of your time:

  • Hold a focus group – This is an efficient way of getting information from multiple people at one time. Be prepared with the questions you want to ask so that you get the answers you need. And invite diverse members of your target market so you get varied responses.
  • Chat with people individually – Choose people who will give you honest feedback and won’t be afraid to give you the good and the bad so you can learn quickly.
  • Run online surveys – Surveys are a good way to ask a lot of people the same questions to generate some really dependable data. You can set up and send surveys with Google Forms – it’s really easy – or Facebook offers a lightweight polling option. Otherwise talk to us about more complex market research tools.
  • Set up a beta test group – Put on some food and drinks, invite the relevant people to test your product or service, and get good, honest feedback.
  • Set up a community – This is where Facebook is your friend. A Facebook group lets people contribute their feedback and ideas. You can update this group easily and learn from participants’ conversations. If Facebook isn’t your thing, you can do this through an email list too.

Once you know the methods that work for you, you’ve got a valuable way to know who you’re selling to, how they decide what to buy, and even what they think of your competitors.

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