How to scaleup your business

Scaling up isn’t just a case of letting organic growth take its course. Genuine hypergrowthScaleup means achieving accelerated 20% growth over a 3-year period. A big ask for any company!

So if you’re planning to make the transition from established startup to ambitious scaleup, what are the foundations you need to get it right?

Setting the scaleup foundations

To scale effectively, you need the right systems, the required funding and a team of people who have the skills to expand your enterprise at an accelerated pace over a short timeframe.

To successfully scale your business, you need a strong strategic growth plan. But that plan will only be deliverable if you also:

  • Create systems that grow with your business. To scaleup efficiently you need systemised processes and software automation.
  • Upscale your sales and marketing. Raise your brand profile, boost sales and create quality customer experiences and interactions in a competitive marketplace.
  • Access the right level of funding. Work with lenders, private investors and commercial experts to find the additional cash needed to fuel your growth.
  • Build a team that can deliver your growth plan. Get people on board who share your core vision and have the motivation, talent and flexibility to drive expansion.

With these foundations in place, you’re ready to aim for the stars!

Some reading

The best selling book by Verne Harnish, Scaling Up (available on Amazon) focuses on how to grow your business quickly and effectively. It is a very practical book and an excellent resource for anyone wanting to scaleup. However, reading about scaling your business is just the start. You need to take action if you want results.

Talk to us about achieving your scale-up goals

If your startup is looking to launch its scaleup rocket, we’ll help you create a meaningful scaleup plan that gets your systems, funding and resources ready for take-off.

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