Onboarding a new employee to Xero

Onboarding a new employee can be a complex process, depending on your organisation. The steps below will provide your bookkeeper with all of the details that are required to get them set up in the payroll system. There are many other HR-related processes that may be required. We have included a basic HR checklist below,[…]

Hubdoc and Xero

Uploading invoices via Hubdoc

Hubdoc is the tool we use to read your tax invoices and create bills in Xero. You can either email your invoices to Hubdoc or use the Hubdoc App to upload them. Once uploaded the magic happens and the invoice is automatically read and input into Xero as a bill. Note: It takes about 3[…]

Authorise Xero Auto Super Batch Payment

Authorise Xero Auto Super Batch Payment Once your bookkeeper has prepared your Superannuation batch payment a Xero Auto Super transaction will be created. We will let you know that we have prepared your Auto Super payment, however, you will also receive an SMS from Xero with an approval code. When your receive the SMS do[…]

Link GMail to Xero.

Invite All Sorted to be your Xero Advisor

Xero Advisor Access With Xero advisor access we are able to provide better support and more effectively manage your accounts. It also provides us with additional functionality that can add significant value to your business.   In relation to privacy, our bookkeeping agreement with you contains a confidentiality agreement which ensures that anything we see[…]

Processing a foreign currency bill payment in Xero

Processing a foreign currency bill payment in Xero Note: Foreign currency bill payments can only be processed if you have a Xero package that the includes multi-currency option Overview When a bill is created in Xero, via Autoentry the system provides an estimated currency exchange rate. However, this is always different to what your bank[…]

Register for Xero Auto Super Payments (SuperStream)

Register for Xero Auto Super Payments (SuperStream) Xero’s Auto Super allows you to use the Governments SuperStream platform from with Xero. Using Auto Super allows your bookkeeper to generate batch payments to send your employees super contributions electronically from your registered bank account to their nominated super fund. Xero will deduct the payments directly from[…]

Business Activity Statement (BAS Return)

Business Activity Statement (BAS Return) We have automated the submission of your business activity statement. Consequently, the submission process is sped up, the risk of errors is minimised, cost is reduced and you will be more likely to meet  your compliance obligations. If your business is NOT registered for GST you do not have to submit[…]