Adding shared folders/files to My Drive in Google Drive

Any Google Drive files or folder that have been shared with you won’t be visible on your computer until you move it into your My Drive folder. Below are instructions to do this. Here’s what you can see in Shared with me: Files shared with you by other people Folders shared with you by other[…]

How do I invite a user to my Google Ads account?

Add All Sorted to your Google Ads account By adding All Sorted as a user to your Google Adwords/Ads account we can create, modify, monitor and analyse your Ads. To add an All Sorted user do the following: Update Allowed domains Go to the Security Settings screen in your Google Ads account. Click on the[…]

Add All Sorted to your Google Analytics account

Adding All Sorted as a Google Analytics User Adding All Sorted to your Google Analytics account means that we can view and analyse your web site traffic data. This helps us to understand the demographics of your customers and their buying habits. It also helps us to determine how efficiently your web site runs. To[…]

Google Account Setup

Create a free Google account Secure sites and forms managed by All Sorted Business Services require a google account for access. If you do not already have an account associated with your email address follow these steps to create one: Click on this link to create your new google account. Complete all fields, ensuring that[…]

Google Authenticator

How to set up Google Authenticator for Xero on a new device?

What is two-step authentication? Two-step authentication (2SA) adds an additional layer of security to your Xero account. It is a requirement for all Xero users. You enter a code to log in, as well as your email and password. The code is generated by the Google authenticator app on your mobile phone. The authenticator app[…]

Email forwarding for Gmail

Email forwarding for Gmail You probably receive invoices from regular suppliers. In that case, these instructions will explain how to set up a Gmail filter that automatically forwards selected emails to your All Sorted invoice email address. Therefore automatically uploading the invoice to Xero Create a Gmail filter Click here to open your email account in a[…]