How do I invite a user to my Mailchimp account?

Invite All Sorted to your Mailchimp account Follow these instructions to add All Sorted as an Admin to your Mailchimp account. Login to Mailchimp. Click your name in the upper right of the screen. Click Account. Click Settings then Users. Click Invite a User. Add the email address of the All Sorted staff member that you are working[…]

Google Account Setup

Create a free Google account Secure sites and forms managed by All Sorted Business Services require a google account for access. If you do not already have an account associated with your email address follow these steps to create one: Click on this link to create your new google account. Complete all fields, ensuring that[…]

Remote access – installing Teamviewer

Remote access – installing Teamviewer All Sorted uses the world’s #1 remote access tool to provide support to you and allow you to collaborate with us. Teamviewer  allows you to securely share your screen with your bookkeeper whenever you need help or training. There is no cost to you to use this service. However, you[…]

Google Authenticator

How to set up Google Authenticator for Xero on a new device?

What is two-step authentication? Two-step authentication (2SA) adds an additional layer of security to your Xero account. It is a requirement for all Xero users. You enter a code to log in, as well as your email and password. The code is generated by the Google authenticator app on your mobile phone. The authenticator app[…]

Invite All Sorted to be your Quickbooks Accountant

Send an invitation for All Sorted to become your Quickbooks Accountant To be of most benefit to your business, we ask you provide us with Accountant access to Quickbooks. This allows us to provide better support and allows us to effectively manage your accounts.   In relation to privacy, our bookkeeping agreement with you contains[…]

Setting up Autoentry

Setting up Autoentry All Sorted Business Services provides Autoentry to all clients at no cost. The system automates the creation of invoices and receipts which reduces your bookkeeping costs, improves the accuracy of your data and ensures that transactions are entered in a timely fashion. Your bookkeeper will set up Autoentry, set up an account[…]

Auto reconcile Stripe

How to Auto-reconcile Stripe in Xero?

Using Auto-reconcile Stripe transactions? For clients using Stripe we set up a process to auto reconcile stripe payments and fees. The result is a much more efficient reconciliation process and reduced errors. Below is a demonstration of how the auto-reconciliation works. If you have any questions or would like us to set this up for[…]