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To create a purchase order in MYOB (AccountRight) follow these steps:

  1. From the Command Centre go to the Purchases screen
  1. Click on the Enter Purchases button
  2. Ensure that the Purchases Type is Order
  3. Select the supplier
  4. Enter a description (Try to use the same description that the supplier would use, as it is this information that is being sent through to the supplier. Include product codes, etc, if possible).
  5. If the default Account No (cost code) is incorrect you can overwrite it.
  6. Check that the Account Name is correct
  7. Enter the quoted Amount for the goods
  8. Choose the Job Number
  9. Press Enter to add another line item
  1. Click Record to save the Purchase Order

To view all current purchase orders:

  1. Return to the Command Centre
  2. Click on the Purchase Register button
  3. If all purchase orders do not appear click onthe green reload button (in the top right of the screen)
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