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Send an invitation for All Sorted to become your Quickbooks Accountant

To be of most benefit to your business, we ask you provide us with Accountant access to Quickbooks. This allows us to provide better support and allows us to effectively manage your accounts.   In relation to privacy, our bookkeeping agreement with you contains a confidentiality agreement ensuring that anything we see in your accounts, stays between us.   To grant us access to your accounts, do the following:

Quickbooks Australia
  1. From the gear icon go to Manage Users.
  2. Click Invite Accountant and follow the instructions
  3. Enter in All Sorted Business Services as the name and [email protected] as the email address 
  4. When you click Finish, an e-mail will be sent to us by Quickbooks Australia and we will be able to view your account

If you have any issues inviting us, let us know and we will help you out.