How to link Gmail to Xero

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Connect GMail to Xero

Xero has a new feature that allows you to link your GMail to Xero.Xero has a new feature that allows you to link your GMail to Xero.

All emails related to specific suppliers, clients and even employees can now be automatically stored in the one place.


  • By linking GMail to Xero you can view emails between you and your contacts in real time. In Xero
  • Emails will display for a contact if any of the contact’s email addresses are in the To, From, or Cc fields of any emails.
  • Emails containing the contact name, as shown in Xero, will also be display if you use GMail.
  • Click on the drop down menu to the right of the email to add the email to invoices and bills or add the email to the contact’s activity tab

Watch this video to see how to set it up


  • You can only connect one email account per organisation. So this works best if you have one main email address or group used by lots of suppliers or contacts.
  • No one else in your organisation will be able to view your emails
    • To share a specific email with other Xero user in your organisation, add it to the contact’s activity tab
  • Emails deleted from your email account will also be removed from Xero