Job Seeker Profit & Loss Report Overview

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The Job Seeker Profit and Loss App is used by Job Seekers to submit their income and expense invoices so that a compliant Profit and Loss report can be prepared for their Job Service provider.

If you require help preparing your documents or submitting them, your employment consultant should be able to help you. Failing that, feel free to contact us and we’ll try to help you out.

To submit a Profit & Loss report request do the following:

  1. The Job Seeker (or consultant) goes to and completes the registration process. (this asks you to agree to the terms and conditions, adds your details to our system and provides details of your consultant)
  2. Once registered, the job seeker will receive a confirmation email with instructions.
  3. If you want to submit a P&L request straight away, you will be given this option
  4. Once registered you can go to at any time and submit a P&L request.
  5. The system will ask for the reporting period as well as income and expense details.
    1. The Job Seeker needs to be able to provide some form of proof of income and proof of expenses. The system will give them the option to either either be uploaded the documents using the App or email them separately.
    2. These documents can either be sales and expense invoices or a bank statement.
  6. Once this has been submitted an email will be sent to the Employment Consultant requesting payment by credit card.
  7. When payment has been received we will prepare and email a completed P&L report to you and the job seeker.
  8. We aim to get paid requests completed within 24 hours.
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