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We require all clients to pay for ongoing bookkeeping and consulting services via direct debit.

If you have a fixed price agreement a direct debit is automatically set up when you sign your fixed term agreement. If you are billed on an hourly basis you need to make a direct debit request when you receive your first invoice.

To make a Direct Debit Request

  • Click on the invoice link on the invoice email that you receive
  • When the invoice is displayed on the screen, click on the green Pay Now button

  • In the Set up a Direct Debit Request screen enter your personal and bank account details
  • Click on the Set up Direct Debit Request button
  • Check that your details are correct
  • Click on the Service Agreement link (if desired)
  • Click on the Confirm button

How does Direct Debit Work?

Invoices are issued on, or around, the first of the month.

Our terms are 7 days from the invoice date.

Direct debit payments are deducted from your nominated bank account on the invoice due date (7 days from invoice date).

What if I have queries about my invoice?

If you have queries about your invoice contact us prior to the due date of the invoice to discuss your concerns.

If adjustments are required, we will amend the invoice and the Direct Debit will reflect the amended invoice.