Setting up Autoentry

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Setting up Autoentry

All Sorted Business Services provides Autoentry to all clients at no cost.

The system automates the creation of invoices and receipts which reduces your bookkeeping costs, improves the accuracy of your data and ensures that transactions are entered in a timely fashion.

Your bookkeeper will set up Autoentry, set up an account for you and integrate it with Xero for you. However, there is some set up required at your end.

Please note, that should you decide not to use Autoentry we will have to charge separately for the additional time it takes for manual data entry and the chasing of missing invoices, if required.

Accept the invitation

You will receive an invitation from Autoentry to set up an account. Accept the invitation and enter you email address and preferred password when prompted

Download the App

The mobile app is available for both Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded in the respective app stores. You can find it by searching for AutoEntry or clicking the links below.

Download Autoentry
Download Autoentry App

How does Autoentry work?

Setting up Autoentry

Once scanned invoices are sent through to Autoentry the system uses state-of-the-art OCR technology to read, analyse and upload tax invoices to Xero.

Over a 2-3 month period your bookkeeper will ‘teach’ Autoentry to allocate invoices to the correct accounts in Xero.

Once the system has been ‘trained’ invoices will automatically be created in Xero by Autoentry. This process normally only takes a few minutes.

Invoices can be uploaded using an App on your phone or emailed to your All Sorted invoice email address.

Using the App

Autoentry set up

The App is used for snapping pictures of purchase invoices. It is very easy to use.

  1. Use your email address and password to log in
  2. After you log into the App, take a photo of the invoice
    1. Centre the invoice and fill the screen as much as possible to take the photo
      1. You can turn your flash on/off on this screen
      2. You can also select a photo already taken from your phone library
      3. Fast mode allows you to take multiple photos of multiple invoices without having to confirm each photo for upload
    2. Take the photo using the blue button at the bottom of the screen
  3. A preview of the invoice will appear on the screen
  4. Select the account where the payment came from (Credit Card, Bank Account, etc)
    1. If you are using tracking codes in Xero, select the appropriate tracking code (fast mode skips this screen)
  5. Click on the Upload button to upload the invoice to Autoentry
  6. You will now see a list of invoice with your newly uploaded invoice with a status of ‘Uploading’ and then ‘Processing’ (or Pending if you have selected the wifi only mode – see the settings button). It will also show the progress of other invoices in your Autoentry inbox.

Note: When you start using Autoentry your bookkeeper will ‘train’ the system, so invoice may take a while to appear in Xero. As the system becomes better ‘trained’ the invoices should start to move straight through to Xero without any human intervention.


If you have A4 invoices to upload, we recommend scanning these rather than taking photos, as the image quality is often poor quality and the Autoentry struggles to read these.

Please check your phones camera resolution to make sure that you are not taking huge photos, as these will take a long time to upload and will chew up your data allowance on your phone. Here are instruction on how to check this on an android phone and an iphone.

Emailing Invoices

When setting up your system your Bookkeeper will have set up an All Sorted invoices email address for you.

Normally in this format:

          invoices.<your business name>

If you don’t know your invoices email address contact us and we’ll give it to you.

Any invoices that are emailed to you can be forwarded to this address and they will then be processed in the same way as uploaded invoices.

Email Rules

If you have invoices emailed to you regularly from a supplier (such as telephone bills, or subscriptions), you can set up an email rule to automatically forward these emails to the invoices email address automatically. Here are some instructions on how to do this for GmailMac and Outlook.

More help

More help is available on the Autoentry help site. Otherwise contact us and we’ll help you out.