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HUbdoc and Xero

Hubdoc is the tool we use to read your tax invoices and create bills in Xero.

You can either email your invoices to Hubdoc or use the Hubdoc App to upload them. Once uploaded the magic happens and the invoice is automatically read and input into Xero as a bill.

Note: It takes about 3 months to ‘train’ Hubdoc to recognize your tax invoices and learn how to classify them in Xero. Once ‘trained’ your invoices will appear in Xero immediately. Until then, they can take a few hours to a day to appear in Xero.

Emailing Tax Invoices to Hubdoc

You will have received an email address from your Bookkeeper (invoices.<your business name>@all-sorted.com.au). Any invoices sent tot this email address will be uploaded into Hubdoc automatically.

Give this email address to your suppliers

You can give your invoices email address to your suppliers and ask them to email invoices directly to this email address. This will prevent invoices getting lost in your inbox. They will be uploaded into Xero automatically as a bill.

You will be able to review the bills here before they are paid.

Setting up rules in your email

If you have invoices emailed to you regularly from a supplier (such as telephone bills, or subscriptions), you can set up an email rule to automatically forward these emails to the invoices email address automatically. Here are some instructions on how to do this for GmailMac and Outlook.

Emailing Directly from your Scanner

Your scanner may have the ability to forward scanned invoices directly to an email address. If this is the case, you can scan and email invoices directly to your invoices email address.

If you need a hand setting this up on your scanner, please let us know.

Emailing multiple invoices at once

If you want to email multiple invoices in the one document to Hubdoc the subject line of the email needs to include #split. If you need a hand setting this up please let us know

The Hubdoc App

The Hubdoc mobile app is available for both Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded in the respective app stores. You can find it by searching for AutoEntry or clicking the links below.

Download Autoentry
Download Autoentry App

Below is a video that explains how the App works

Add Automated Connections

Hubdoc allows you to set up links to your suppliers so that recurring statements and invoices are imported into Xero automatically as bills.  Here is an overview of how it works