Invite All Sorted to be your Xero Advisor

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Xero Advisor Access

With Xero advisor access we are able to provide better support and more effectively manage your accounts. It also provides us with additional functionality that can add significant value to your business.   In relation to privacy, our bookkeeping agreement with you contains a confidentiality agreement which ensures that anything we see in your accounts, stays between us.

Link GMail to Xero.

Send a Xero advisor access invitation

To give us access to your accounts, do the following:

  1. Click on this this link to open the Users screen.
  2. Click the Invite a User button.

Note: You must be a Standard User and have Manager User access to be able to see this button

  1. Enter the first name and last name of your bookkeeper, along with their All Sorted email address.
  2. Select the following:
    1. Payroll Admin checkbox
    2. Business and accounting check box
      1. Select Adviser
      2. Select Bank account admin check box
      3. Select Submit BAS check box
      4. Select Manage users check box
    3. Finally, press the Send invite button
Adding a Xero user

For more help granting Xero advisor access, view this video.   If you do not have access to add users to you account, you should ask whoever is the subscriber for user access.   If your accountant is the subscriber to your Xero file, you should ask for the subscription to you be transferred to you. See Accounting’s dirty little secret.