Making Bookkeeping Sexy?

Making Bookkeeping Sexy?

How to make bookkeeping sexyWell after much toil and deliberation, we decided that it is actually NOT possible to make bookkeeping sexy.

We tried several different ways of saying it, talking about it and undressing it down to it’s bare bones but nothing….and we mean nothing makes book keeping sexy.

However the naked truth and the honest answer is… “numbers are sexy”. Especially when they tell you good things about your business.  Useful information that you can use to adjust the way you do business. Watching your company grow and watching the profits grow with it, now that is sexy! Damn sexy…and that pushes all the right buttons.

Do you have time to run your business as well as check that your numbers are sexy?  Do your numbers motivate you and your staff?  Do you have accurate numbers at the right time to make appropriate moves or are you just floundering like teenager on their first date? How can you prepare and make your numbers sexy?

It’s quite simple really.  Like watching a confident woman move slowly across the room.  Track your expenses, track your income and analyse the data. But before you make the big move it is always best to check, is the system right for you? Does it fit your budget? Can you leave it easily or will you be tied to it for life? Does it enhance your lifestyle or does it cramp your style? Do you have to do all the work or can you outsource some of it to a third party without feeling guilty?

Not to brag but we have a beautiful accounting system and choose Xero for many of our clients.  Xero makes it easy for us to track your numbers. However, the system is only as beautiful and as sexy as the data that is entered and like any good relationship it must communicate with the other systems that it works with. When the numbers are entered correctly and classified appropriately they create the right “figure” for your business.  We outsource the data entry and never feel guilty about it and have prepared systems and processes that help our company to act confidently when others are not. We are not shy to say we also use MYOB, Quickbooks and other online accounting packages when our client’s prefer these. We devour every system with passionate curiosity.

So how do we make bookkeeping sexy? It’s a tough call. You tell me?  Did we succeed at attracting client’s with this blog or did we just peak the interest of our next stalker? Is thinking of your accounts as ‘Sexy’ too far or not far enough? Just one final question when it comes to bookeeping how sexy is your company? Are you All Sorted?

Written by Marita Thornton, Business Development, All Sorted Bookkeeping, Sunshine Coast

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