Automated onboarding


Automated onboarding can be difficult because there is no standard workflow for onboarding new staff or new customers. It varies significantly between businesses. We simplify this process without the up front cost and frustration of developing customised software.

Basic automation – No Up Front Cost / No Risk

Complex automation – No Up Front Cost / No Risk

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Automated onboarding

Automated onboarding Apps don’t often fit with existing processes and systems business because there is no standard workflow for onboarding new staff or new customers. Each business’ needs are different.

Some businesses:

  • Need to meet face to face with their clients, whereas others can go through the entire onboarding process online.
  • Have different staff undertaking different tasks in the process
  • Require contracts and/or sales agreements to be created, signed and returned.
  • Need department/manager approvals at various stages during the process.
  • Require immediate payment, while others are happy to invoice.
  • Have existing system that need integrating into the process.

Where available, we will help identify and implement suitable off-the-shelf Apps. However, where there is nothing that fits we build customised Apps that either manage your entire work flow, lining to your existing systems to automate your routine onboarding tasks.

Automated onboarding Apps designed for your business processes reduce costs, free up staff time and improve process accuracy and timeliness, while also improving your client’s experience with your business. Our Apps totally eliminate the need for paper.

Check out reviews from current and past clients to see how they got All Sorted with their business process automation.


We do not charge upfront for the development of Apps. Instead, we charge on a per-use basis. This means that you only pay for what you use.

If you don’t like our solution, don’t use it.

You will only pay for what you use.

Consequently, you get a system designed specifically for your business process, but you take on no risk.

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