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As early adopters of cutting edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, optical character recognition, we are excited at the prospect of eliminating all of your routine book keeping tasks. However, at this stage, some basic bookkeeping tasks are still necessary to ensure that your accounts are up to date and accurate.

We offer fixed rate book keeping packages  to ensure that these repetitive data entry-type tasks get done. The pricing is based on the number of transactions being processed each month.


We are predominately a technology business employing qualified bookkeepers and technology experts. Once we eliminate routine bookkeeping tasks from your businesses we can focus on adding real value by:

  • Improving your business systems and processes,
  • Integrating the most appropriate technology in your business, so as to automate as many tasks as possible,
  • Ensuring that your new systems are managed and maintained, so that you maximise the benefit from them,
  • Providing you with better reporting and validation of data,
  • Provide you with more certainty through better forecasting and budgeting, and
  • Ensuring that your business remains complaint with the ever changing tax and employment legislation.

To achieve this requires a deep understanding of your business and an intense involvement in your business is required. Knowing your accounts intimately helps us achieve this.



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