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Create the perfect business plan

As you know, starting a new business is both exciting and daunting. To solidify where you want to go, creating a solid business plan should be one of your first goals.

A well developed, written plan helps you define your vision, see what problems need solving and proves to banks, investors and lawyers that you’re serious about your business.

Previous clients have used their plans to :

To clarify ideas

Writing something down gives it structure and substance. Your ideas will be clearer on paper than in your head.

To discover and solve problems

The business idea you have in mind may have some holes – you might not have covered everything. This will become much more apparent when your words are on the page.

To get feedback from others

A properly written business plan can be shared with trusted people to get their advice.

As a formal document

Banks, investors, accountants and lawyers will want proof that you’re serious about your business. A written plan will provide that proof.

To guide you as your business grows

A good business plan will keep you on track and focused, even as day-to-day work becomes a distraction.

If you’ve never written a business plan before, it can be a daunting prospect. As your bookkeeper we have a unique insight into your business and we can use this knowledge to help you to develop the perfect business plan.

It will help you define your customers, evaluate your target audience and opportunities, and be clear about who you’re up against. It will also cover operations, marketing and staff.


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