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Emergency Turn Around – For when your back is against the wall and you need cash flow help NOW! – $450

Learn about cash management – One on one learning about how to prevent cash stress in your business and maximise the efficient use of your cash – $750

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Cashflow managementimprove cashflow

  • Cashflow management. What is it?
  • Who manages cashflow in your business?
  • Does your business have a cashflow budget? Do you know what one is?
  • Do you have a ready source of short-term cash? Just in case.
  • Are you paying for software subscriptions that you don’t use?
  • Can you predict when cash is likely to be tight over the next 12 months?
  • What is your average payment cycle for invoices? Could this be improved?

With cash flow such a critical part of business, these are some of the questions that small businesses owners should be regularly asking. However, the reality is that most don’t think about cashflow until they have to.

If you are in a tight spot now and need some help turning things around, or you would like to learn to maximize you cash flow, our detailed cash flow reviews can help.

We have three types of cash flow reviews:

Desktop Cash Audit

The desktop cash audit is a quick review of your Xero file using our cashflow analysis tools. We can quickly identify some of the low hanging fruit (savings) for you. We guarantee that we will be able to find at least $500 in potential savings, or we’ll give you your money back.

The cash turnaround

The cash turnaround is an in depth review and analysis of your accounts, designed for businesses going through a cash crisis now. Not only will we drop what we are doing and spend time going reviewing your accounts in detail, we will also work with you to understand your systems and processes; identifying areas where savings can be made, where additional revenue may be generated and where processes may be simplified.

Learn about cash management

One-on-one training to prevent cash stress in your business and maximise the use of your cash. As well as a detailed review of your operations and your accounts, we will work with you to develop tools to better manage your cashflow.

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