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Choosing a bookkeeper that will work for you

Identifying and choosing a bookkeeper can be a critical decision for a small business. A bookkeeping service aligned with your business and business systems as well as being able to compliment your skill set are critical factors to consider. There are some other basic factors that you should consider when choosing a bookkeeper. Decide if[…]

bookkeeper or an accountant

Bookkeeper or an Accountant?

Bookkeeper or an Accountant? A bookkeeper or an accountant. Which one should you choose for your business? A bookkeeper is often referred to as an Accountant, however, the two have very different. However, they each have key roles in the accounting process. Businesses require accurate and timely accounting information to make informed business decisions. This[…]


The real cost of employing a bookkeeper

As a general rule the total cost of employing a full-time staff member is around 33% more than their base wage. With this in mind, we thought we would carry out a little ‘thought exercise’ and test this rule. Assumptions Standard wage for a bookkeeper According to the median wage for a bookkeeper in Australia[…]