Best available data security

World Class Data Security Not only has the advent of cloud-based software given small business the same computing power as large multi nationals, these platforms now provide the same level of data security (network firewalls, redundancy, backups, encryption and more). We insist on using the Google and Amazon cloud-based platforms, ensuring that your data remains in a[…]

Goodbye Paper

A Paperless Office Our state of the art OCR software and direct data feeds leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to automatically read and enter tax invoices and other documents. We make a paperless office a reality. Our systems mean that you are no longer required to keep paper copies of your tax invoices or[…]

Online Accounting – in real time, anytime

Online Accounting Our online accounting and business platforms open up a world of opportunities to make your business more efficient, more profitable and more competitive. Run your business from anywhere. Understand your real-time cash position. Collaborate with your accountant, bookkeeper and team. Get paid faster to improve cash flow. Protect your business data with better backups[…]