Bookkeeper vs accountant

Bookkeeper vs accountant. What is the difference? You probably refer to your bookkeeper as your accountant, however, the two are very different.

Your businesses requires accurate and timely accounting information so you can make informed business decisions. This information is prepared and documented by bookkeepers FOR accountants.

Your bookkeeper will focus on daily/weekly/monthly accounting tasks, providing information, but usually not opinions.

The accountant will oversee the work performed by the bookkeeper and will provide you with analysis and interpretation of the information generated by the bookkeeper.

You bookkeeper will work closely with you, often interacting with you or your staff daily. This provides your bookkeepers with a unique insight into your business, making them a key business advisor for most businesses. On the other hand, an external accountant may only interact with your business once or twice during the year (usually at tax time). They may not know the business as intimately as the person maintaining your books.

A more detailed discussion on the choice between a bookkeeper or an accountant can be found here.

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