What does a bookkeeper do?

The work that bookkeeper do es has changed significantly and continues to change.

In the past bookkeepers processed invoices and reconciled bank statements. This work ensured that businesses could see what had happened in the past. In today’s world these mechanical, repetitive processes are such a minimal part of what we offer business owners.

What does an All Sorted bookkeeper do?

Although we are bookkeepers, we are predominately a technology business. Once we eliminate routine bookkeeping tasks from your business we focus on adding real value by:

what do bookkeepers do?

  • Improving your business systems and processes, so that your business becomes efficient and profitable,
  • Integrating the most appropriate technology into your business, so as to automate as many tasks as possible,
  • Ensuring that your new systems are managed and maintained, so that you maximise the benefit from them,
  • Providing you with better financial reporting and validation of data,
  • Providing you with better forecasting and budgeting, so that you have more certainty and can make more informed decisions, and
  • Ensuring that your business remains complaint, so that you are not in breach of ever-changing tax and employment legislation.

Your bookkeeper works closely with you and the best technology-based solutions that apply to your business. We improve efficiency, which leads to achieving these financial outcomes:

  • Effective business processes,
  • Efficient and streamlined record keeping,
  • Efficient and streamlined invoice generation,
  • Effective purchasing and inventory processes, and
  • Improved cashflow and profit.

To achieve this requires a deep understanding of, and an intense involvement in your business. This is what we excel at.

Through better systems and processes we are able to provide your tax accountant with more accurate and more timely figures. This should reduce the cost of preparing your tax return and should allow your Accountant to spend more time work with you on tax planning, strategy and business planning. For a discussion on the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant see this article.

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