September 15, 2018

work flow: Maximise your profitability

Manage all your jobs, improve work flow and profitability

If you need to improve your work flow as well as track time, costs, expenses and profitability more accurately, you will be interested in WorkflowMax.

It’s an end-to-end work flow management tool that’s highly customizable and comprehensive. With WorkflowMax you can:

  • Quote instantly: Templates let you send professionally designed, branded, custom quotes in minutes.
  • Track time: You can keep time six different ways, see a weekly total across all jobs, and staff will love how easy it is to use.
  • Streamline invoices: Choose your invoice method and improve cash flow with paperless and bulk invoicing.
  • Manage jobs: Easily assign jobs, track timelines and get notified when projects are running late.
  • Gain business intelligence: With powerful custom reporting, WorkflowMax lets you drill down into your job data for amazing insights about your business. Key reporting includes:
    • Knowing your most profitable employees,
    • Understanding your profitability across different client categories, and
    • Knowing which services make you the most money are all at your fingertips.
  • Desktop or App: Importantly, you can access all jobs and add time to timesheets using the desktop version or the App on your phone or tablet.

You can also:

  • Track leads and quotes,
  • Track time spent against budgets, and
  • Turn all this information into insights to move your business forward.

Additionally, WorkflowMax integrates seamlessly with Xero, is accessible from anywhere, and has a community of over 30 world-class add-on partners.

If you need a work flow tool that provides financial and project visibility and outstanding job detail, then I recommend that you take a closer look at WorkflowMax. You can trial it for free for 14 days.

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